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“DREAMS” by Bassam and Maysoon

July 09, 2020

Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about and never let your dreams just be dreams.

Alserkal Cultural Foundation (ACF) presents “Dreams” by Bassam & Maysoon, a collection of unique shadow art pieces which represent the beauty in a hidden world of imagination and unseen. ACF is a platform that promotes and supports new generation of emerging artists, artisans, designers and creative minds based in UAE and GCC.

Bassam and Maysoon are a Jordanian couple who have been living in the UAE for more than 9 years. (have been living in the UAE for more than 15 years.)

Together the artist has developed a distinctive technique of creating these pieces which are mounted on the wall and look very interesting from any angle, it makes awesome shadows from one precise single light source and reveal a secret image. Sculptures are made from a casting of clay and resin.

Jul 2020


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