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Bath & Body Works

Let the Aroma
Flow Through

Bath and Body Works
Bath and Body Works

Bath & Body Works is one of the world’s leading speciality retailers of fragrant products for the body, hands & home. Customers look to Bath & Body Works for quality, on-trend products and the newest, freshest fragrances in Nakheel Mall. Pampering collections such as Aromatherapy simply add to the charm, whilst the Men’s Collection includes masculine fragrances to clean, refresh and soften skin. In addition to sumptuous body care, Bath & Body Works offers visitors the most luxurious range of Hand Soaps, Sanitizers, and Home Fragrance products, including White Barn Candles.
Today, these fragrant products can be purchased at more than 1,900 Bath & Body Works retail locations worldwide and available in over 150 locations across the Middle East, North Africa, Turkey, Russia and Poland. Join in the social conversation on Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter @bathandbodyworksarabia



+971 4 419 0995

Saturday to Wednesday - 10am – 10pm

Thursday and Friday – 10am – 10pm

Let the Aroma <br/>Flow Through
Let the Aroma <br/>Flow Through
Let the Aroma <br/>Flow Through
Let the Aroma <br/>Flow Through
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